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  • I'm planning a wedding far away, can I have you come out to take photos?
    We accept on-site photo shoots all over the country. 70% of our photography requests are for weddings in the Kanto area, but we also receive requests from all over the country, including Osaka, Kanazawa, Shikoku, Fukuoka, and Kagoshima. We also accompany photographers at overseas weddings, so please contact us for details on travel expenses, etc. If you request wedding photography in a remote location, we will charge the following travel fees in addition to the basic fee. (1) Actual cost of round-trip transportation from Kichijoji (Tokyo) to the site (2) Long distance business trip fee ・One-way trip of 1 hour or more: 5,000 yen ・Round trip of 3 hours or more: 10,000 yen ・If accommodation is required the day before or on the day: 10,000 yen per night (3) Actual cost of accommodation expenses If you are traveling to a location that takes more than 3 hours one way, we will accommodate you the night before or on the day of your trip.
  • Please tell me about the delivery date of the product.
    After the wedding photography is complete, there are several steps in the delivery process. (1) Payment of shooting fee We will send you an invoice one week before the wedding. We ask that payment be made one week after the wedding. (2) Data delivery for advance delivery Approximately 7 to 10 days after the wedding, we will give you a highlight version of about 50 selected photos in download format and a web gallery. (3) Creating a slideshow Approximately two weeks after the wedding, we will create a slideshow with music using the highlight photos in (2) plus a few more, and provide you with a link to view it. (4) Delivery of shooting data and data USB All data will be delivered approximately one month after the wedding. The delivery will be in two versions: download format and data USB. During the busy seasons from April to May and October to December, you may have to wait up to two months for all data to be delivered. note that. (5) Selecting photos to use in the album When ordering album production, you can select the photos to be used in the album from the delivery data. You can leave it to us here. (6) Album production and delivery The wedding album will be completed and handed over approximately 60 days after the wedding day. During the busy seasons mentioned above, you may have to wait up to 3 months for delivery.
  • Please tell me about the photo data of the delivery.
    The number of photos delivered starts at approximately 500, but the number of photos delivered will vary depending on the number of attendees, length of the wedding day, content, etc. In a day's shooting, I actually take about 2,000 to 3,000 photos, but from among them, I omit things that are out of focus or things that have a similar composition that I judge to be unnecessary, and I usually use the above number. I am calm. Because all the photos we give you are beautifully color corrected and brightness adjusted, the number of photos we send is a little limited. Please note that we will not send you any photos that are not selected here. All delivery data will be in jpeg format. We do not provide RAW data. We have heard from many customers that data that is too large is a burden on the customer's computer, so we resize it to 3500 pixels and give it to you. It's the perfect size for A4 size prints. If you would like the original size (6,000 pixels on the long side, approximately 24.2 million pixels), we will provide it as a separate download.
  • Can I bring my own photographer into any venue?
    Some wedding venues do not allow outside photographers. Even if you are allowed to bring in outside photographers, there are many venues where you are not allowed to take pictures during the ceremony or have restrictions on where you can take pictures, so please check with the venue first if they allow outside photographers to be brought in. In many cases, we were able to take photos by inviting us as official guests to the reception, or by explaining that we would be bringing a photographer to the venue when we applied. First of all, we recommend that you communicate your feelings to the planner in charge, and have a thorough discussion about ``why you want to bring your own items'' and ``why you can't bring them in.''
  • What kind of meetings and meetings do you do?
    First of all, we will have the opportunity to meet you in person and take the time to look at samples of the photos and albums you have taken so far, and to explain our shooting style. At that time, we will also ask about your feelings and wishes regarding your wedding. We believe that we can only take good photos by getting to know each other well, so if you are confident that we will be able to take care of your special day, please contact us. Our office is located near Kichijoji, a 5-minute walk from Mitakadai Station. Since it's right next to Inokashira Park, which has a lot of greenery, some customers come straight after a meeting to go on a date.
  • Can I request information?
    We apologize, but we do not provide printed materials such as pamphlets. This website is the only photographic material. Items, prices, shooting formats, etc. are constantly being changed to provide the best service. Due to the high frequency of updates, we try to provide more through other services rather than spending more on printed materials. Thank you for your understanding.
  • What is the procedure for requesting a photo shoot?
    If possible, please come to the atelier once. We will explain our shooting style while looking at samples of the photos and albums we have taken so far. At that time, we will ask you about your feelings about the wedding and your wishes for the shoot. We believe that we can take good photos by getting to know each other well, so if you feel confident that we can entrust you with your special day, please request a photo shoot. The atelier is located about a 5-minute walk from Mitakadai Station on the Inokashira Line. However, if you live far away or have work commitments that make it difficult for you to come to Kichijoji, we can meet with you via Zoom, etc. When making a reservation for a photoshoot, ・Signing the contract ・Payment of deposit of 30,000 yen (tax included) We ask that you do so. The contract will be signed electronically, and if you provide us with your email address, we will send you a link. We accept payment by bank transfer, PayPal (credit card), or PayPay.
  • What about shooting from the preparation scene?
    At bozphoto&styles, we start shooting from the time preparations start, about 3 hours before the wedding starts. Above all, we recommend filming the preparation scene. The wedding ceremony starts even before the main party begins. It's not just the makeup being applied, but also the nervousness of the groom and his father, how the venue is set up, and the rings and decorations chosen by the couple that are part of the flow of the day. I am photographing it as one. Once the wedding ceremony begins, everything becomes hectic and the day goes by quickly. We believe that the preparation scene is the most calming of the day, and is the only time when we can capture the quiet beauty of the bride in photos. However, it seems that the idea of filming all the preparation scenes for the venue and the hair and makeup staff has not yet caught on in Japan. There have been cases where you are not allowed to enter the makeup room until the last 10 minutes on the day of your appointment, so we recommend that you inform the person in charge of the venue of your intentions in advance.
  • Can I make a tentative reservation for the shooting date? Also, when can I start making reservations for photo shoots?
    We have a one-week provisional reservation period only after you come to our atelier for a meeting or have a meeting via Zoom, etc. After that, priority for that schedule will be given to the next person who inquires. You can reserve your photo shoot at any time. As long as your schedule is open, it is okay to request 1-2 weeks before the shooting date. However, we recommend that you make inquiries and reservations at least 2-3 months in advance, as dates may fill up quickly. Popular months such as October and November can be booked up to a year in advance.
  • Is it possible to respond in English?
    Of course, all emails and phone calls can be answered in English. In recent years, about 10% of the customers who book wedding photography have been international weddings. I lived in America for nine years until 2006, when I was a student and worked as a newspaper reporter, so I am confident in my English conversation skills. If necessary, we will help you with conversations with the bride and groom from abroad during the meeting, and with the parents of the bride and groom on the day of the wedding. In addition, if you live overseas and it is not possible to meet in person at our office, we can also meet with you via Skype or have a detailed discussion.
  • Are there any additional charges for weekends, holidays, or early mornings?
    For reservations made after May 2023, there will be an additional charge of 20,000 yen for requests made on weekends or holidays. Additionally, if you wish to prepare before 6am, an early morning fee of 20,000 yen will be charged.
  • If the forecast predicts rain on the day of the pre-shoot, is it possible to change the date? Also, will there be any additional charges?
    If rain is forecast, we will consult with you by 3:00pm the day before (or two days before if the location is more than 2 hours drive away) to decide whether to proceed with the shooting or to postpone it. Masu. If the event is postponed due to bad weather, we will respond free of charge within six months. If the shoot is postponed for more than six months, or if the shoot itself is canceled, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Please tell me about the photo data of the delivery.
    The number of images delivered starts from approximately 250 images, but the number may vary depending on the content of the shoot. All delivery data will be in jpeg format. We do not provide RAW data. We have heard from many customers that data that is too large is a burden on the customer's computer, so we resize it to 3500 pixels and give it to you. It's the perfect size for A4 size prints. If you would like the original size (6,000 pixels on the long side, approximately 24.2 million pixels), we will provide it as a separate download. All of the photographic data we deliver will be color corrected and brightness adjusted before handing over to you. We do not accept retouching such as making the subject's face or arms smaller or thinner.
  • What if I want to postpone my reservation?
    If you have to postpone a photoshoot due to personal reasons, excluding weather or the client's poor physical condition, you can change the date for free up to one month before the reservation date. However, if you make changes after six months or cancel your shooting reservation, the deposit (30,000 yen) will not be refunded. A cancellation fee of 50% of the booked plan will be charged for changes made within one month or up to three days before, and a cancellation fee of 100% of the shooting fee will be charged for changes made two days before the day of the reservation.
  • What kind of shoes are the brides wearing when taking photo shoots?
    Everyone is different, but walking in high heels for long periods of time can be difficult, so we recommend that you move around in sneakers and change your shoes only when you can see your shoes through your dress.
  • Please tell me about the schedule for the day.
    I would like to introduce an example of a typical schedule during the cherry blossom season, when you only wear Japanese clothing. 6:30 Enter the preparation area and start preparations 8:00 Get ready (about 2 hours) 10:00 Preparations completed. Move to shooting location (30 minutes) 10:30 Shooting (2 hours) 12:30 Finish shooting and move (30 minutes) 13:00 Change clothes and dismiss (about 20 minutes) *In the case of the two-wear plan, there will be an additional 1 to 1.5 hours in between to change clothes, take a break, and move to another location (30 minutes).
  • What is the procedure for booking a photo shoot?
    First of all, please contact us via the inquiry form or LINE . LINE allows for faster replies. When contacting us, please include your desired date, shooting location, Japanese or Western attire, and any other requests you may have. If you would like to request a photo shoot, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 30,000 yen and sign a contract. The contract is signed electronically, so if you provide us with your email address, we will send you a link.
  • Is it possible to take photos with children?
    It is possible to take pictures with children, and you can also take pictures together. However, there may be times when the bride and groom are photographed alone, so please bring a family member or friend with you who can watch over your children.
  • Can I make a tentative reservation for the shooting date?
    very sorry. We do not accept provisional reservations for shooting dates. The reservation will be confirmed once the deposit of 30,000 yen has been paid. First, please let us know your preferred date, and if we receive requests from other people on that date, we will contact you to confirm the date. If we do not receive a reply within two days, priority will be given to the next person.
  • Do you rent dresses and Japanese clothing?
    We do not rent wedding dresses. However, I can introduce some dress shops. In particular, TIG Dress has a very good reputation among our customers and we highly recommend it. We also have plans that include rental fees for Japanese clothing. The plan includes a rental set of a white hakama and a standard crested hakama. For an additional fee, we also offer rentals such as color overlays, upgraded white solid wood, and black furisode. However, as this product is prepared by Kyoto's Kashisho shop, you will not be able to try it on. If you would like to try it on, we will introduce you to another costume rental shop.
  • Can I also request an additional hairstyle for the groom?
    Available as an option. It is 2500 yen (tax included).
  • Where should I pay?
    If you would like to take a photo shoot in Japanese clothing or a wedding dress, we also provide a set plan that includes hair, make-up, and dressing. You have several options to choose from as to where to make your payment. ・Visit our atelier Please come to the bozphoto & styles atelier in Kichijoji to prepare. Once the preparations are complete, we will drive you to the shooting location. ・Prepare at home or at your parents' home If the shooting location is relatively close, we may come to your home or parents' home to prepare for the shoot. If you have a space of at least 4 tatami mats, we can prepare it for you. We will come to you by car, so if you do not have a parking lot at your home, you will be responsible for paying the parking fee. Preparing at your parents' home is popular because parents can watch the preparations and take commemorative photos together before departure. ・Preparation at hotels, rental conference rooms, etc. If the shooting location is far from Kichijoji or your home, we may rent a hotel or rental conference room near the location to prepare. For example, if we are shooting at Lake Kawaguchi, the bride and groom will stay the night before, and we will visit the hotel and make preparations. Since there are check-out issues with hotels, it may be convenient to prepare in a rental conference room if you are relatively close to the city center or a major station. Depending on the location, you can rent it for around 2,000 to 3,000 yen for two and a half hours.
  • What about delivery? How many photos can I receive?
    The photo data taken will be provided in download format and on a USB. The number of photos you will receive will vary depending on the shoot, but it will be around 250 photos or more. All photos will be color corrected and brightly adjusted to give them a beautiful finish. In addition, the shooting plan comes with discount points that can be used to purchase albums worth 5,000 yen.
  • Is it possible for parents and friends to participate?
    Of course, it is also possible to have friends, parents, and others other than the bride and groom participate in the photo shoot. However, as there is no space available in the location vehicle for anyone other than the bride and groom, we ask that you prepare a separate vehicle or take a taxi or other means of transportation. Also, depending on the shooting location (such as a garden in Tokyo), you may need to apply in advance for the number of people involved in the shooting, so please let us know the number of people who will be participating when applying for permission.
  • Are there any fees that are separate from the basic fee?
    ・About transportation expenses There is no travel fee for shooting within the 23 wards of Tokyo, but for shooting in other locations, actual transportation expenses will be charged. In addition, if you use expressways for transportation, you will be responsible for paying the tolls. ·Parking Fee We ask that you pay for the parking fee at the location where you will be preparing and the location where you will be photographed. ・Application fee, usage fee, admission fee, etc. Depending on the location, you may have to pay a fee for wedding photography.
  • If I need to apply for a permit at the filming location, will I be able to go through the process?
    If necessary, we will also take care of the application and procedures for photography permission. However, we will only process applications for those who have made a reservation and have paid the deposit. Please check with the customer first to confirm whether the desired location accepts wedding photography and the available dates. If the manager of the shooting location requires a preliminary preview, meeting, or visit to complete the application process, a travel fee of 5,000 yen and round-trip transportation costs from Kichijoji to the location will be charged separately.
  • Can I use items prepared here, such as garlands?
    Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring your own items. We will discuss with you where it can be used. However, due to the flow of shooting, we may decline your application if you have too many points.
  • Will we provide the bouquets, fans, hair ornaments, and Japanese umbrellas?
    A Japanese fan is included in the costume rental. Japanese umbrellas are available in three colors: white, red, and deep blue, and are used at the photographer's discretion during the shoot. Please prepare your own bouquet. If you would like to use silk flowers as hair ornaments, we can also provide them for you. All fresh flowers must be prepared by the customer the day before or on the day of the event.
  • How long will the shooting take? Can I extend the time?
    Before the shoot, we will take approximately 2 hours to prepare the dress and kimono. For the one-costume plan, the photo shoot will last up to 2 hours. If the change is just to change the uchikake, such as from Shiromuku to colored uchikake, we shoot for 1 hour for each garment, for a total of 2 hours. If you wish, we can extend the shooting time for 15,000 yen per hour . If you need to rent a place to change costumes, such as changing from Japanese clothing to a dress or from Shiromuku to furisode, we will request a two-costume plan. → 185,000 yen
  • Can I choose the photos for the album myself?
    You can choose the photos you want to put in the album together, or we can choose the layout for you. The number of photos used in an album varies depending on the number of pages, but for a 60-page album, which is the most popular wedding day album, we will use close to 100 photos. ​ We will deliver a large number of photos, so it may be difficult to narrow it down. In that case, you can choose around 30 photos that you like best and leave the rest to us. We will ask you to confirm the layout of the album before it is bound, so we will accept requests to replace photos once for free.
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